Honing is a machining technique. It is a form of grinding with which a thin layer of the inner circumference of a cylindrical opening is removed with extreme precision.


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Drabo has opted for a tube-hoon machine, also known as a tube honing machine. This machine is fairly universal and suitable for multiple market segments, such as the hydraulic industry or general machine construction.
The process can be applied to many different materials and is used as a finishing operation for all kinds of high-quality holes. Unique features of honing are:
  • High surface quality: up to Ra 0.1 μm or better.
  • High dimensional accuracy: tolerances on diameter up to IT-class 6 and lower.
  • Great shape accuracy (cylindricity/roundness/straightness) of the hole.



    Particularities: Digital numeric
    Minimum honing diameter: 70 mm
    Maximum honing diameter : 670 mm
    Maximum length of the work piece 4000 mm
    Maximum OD of work piece: 700 mm
    Maximum weight of work piece: 6000 kg

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